Saturday, December 3, 2011

SOPA, Protect-IP, NDAA


No more freedom of the press.
No more freedom of association.
No more habeus corpus.


Need I say more?

By the way, If you are reading this, you have downloaded it & taken a copy of it. This is copyrighted material (even though I have not registered my copyright) as all original works are, so beware: you might get five years for this act!


Yes, I do need to say more.  It might be pretty easy to bypass the web site filtering proposed by SOPA.  Simply don't use the DNS servers provided by your ISP..  If you don't understand the previous sentence, give up now and start sucking your thumb.  Otherwise, change your DNS setup (on your router or computer) to point to one of the freely available DNS servers not run by an ISP, perhaps one hosted in a different, and perhaps more free, country..   Check out the OpenNic Project (or skip directly to the instructions.)   Here is another list of free DNS providers; I'm sure you can google for others.  Pick one that gives you good performance.  If you savvy, could get set up your own caching DNS and use one of the free DNS addresses as a forwarder to get even better performance--but perhaps your router already does this--or you could try using this tool to figure out a good performing DNS.

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